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Working Out with a Girl Watching

Me and the Clique in our workout gear

Me and the Clique in our workout gear

It’s 5:34pm on a Thursday and you decide to hit the Gateway Gym (for non-USC students, this a small-ish gym in a nice apartment complex that hosts lots of beautiful women)

You bike, jog, or walk over to Gateway, wave to the security guard like you guys are boyz, you act like you live there. Get into the gym, hit the treadmill for a pre workout carido burst, treadmill obviously.

You happen to notice this cute, but potentially very hot under the right circumstance, kappa girl jogging next to you. How’d I know Kappa? I mean she’s hot and has a great attitude! Sike tank top obvi. There is a moment there where you wonder, do I? Do I pull the emergency break, grab her by the waste and start to make out with her mid treadmill? Maybe…Maybe…And if you’re Greyson, you already have, damn Grey, you got fucking moves. Teach us your swag Greyson. Fucking Newport. Fucking Greyson.

The problem from here on out during the workout is that, guys, or at least myself, can’t stop thinking about doing ridiculous, horrible, unspeakable, but very respectful things to this hot Kappa girl, whose name I’m assuming is something along the lines of Nicole or Rebecca, probably Rebecca, who can’t seem to break eye contact. What does one do, when, she looks really cute and friendly in those workout clothes, and all you can think about is taking off, the workout clothes.

How does one break this one-way sexual tension? What’s the right thing to say? I’ve always thought just saying “hey you seem cool, sup I’m Jonah” would work. Never done it, but what’s the worst that could happen? Then again, you gotta respect her workout, she’s in the zone, the last thing she wants is some cute/funny/talented/funny/well toned in the scheme of things guy coming over and interrupting her workout.

What is she thinking? She’s the one who can’t stop staring. It could be cause i’m staring. She thinks i’m staring at her boobs, but I’m actually staring at her heart. 

Next time I’m at the gym, I’ll try saying something, and let you guys know how it went.


How To Succeed at the 901 Grill, and Sometimes, Bar

At USC there is a place, a magical place, known formally as the 9-0-1 Grill and Bar. 9-0-1 being the area code, and Grill and Bar being that it is primarily a grill during the day, and sometimes at night, a bar. However if you know the 9-0-1 well enough, you know that it’s actually called the 90 (nine-O) and that it’s 98% a bar, with really good mozzarella sticks during the day. In this post, we’ll talk basic strategy on How To Succeed At The 90.

Arrival early, and leave early. In movies they say that a character should enter a scene late, and leave early, in the 90 movie, this does not apply. Waiting in lines suck, so unless you want to wait in line with Courtney and her three seemingly mute friends, get to the bar early. Seriously they’ll just stand there on their phones, iPhone 4S with cracked screens and weird ass cases, maybe ask you to take a picture of them, which you should not, and overall be a damper on your night. So on Tuesday and Thursday nights I suggest arriving at 10, not 10:15, 10p.m. For real, if your friend ‘”Rosenthal” says “dude let’s wait no one is going to be there” – don’t listen to him, he’s working with a personal agenda. By no one he means “McKenzy” the girl he met at the Campus Center Seeds line 5 hours ago. Don’t get caught in line, because if you do, I promise you around like 11:30 you’ll almost be in and then Bryler and his crew will show up, cut you, fight you, and get you will kicked out. Bryler is sick tho, one on one, just not with his friends.

Once you get there early, you’ll want to hit the bar straight away. If you can avoid the 3 random high fives you will have to give to those kids who were in you’re GE’s and WRIT 140 classes. It’s a waste of time, and high fives. I suggest the far South East corner, towards the bathroom. Once there, order the obvious AMF aka Audio Motha Fucker aka Aqua Demonio (Demon Water) Then make you’re way to the top bleachers. You’ll find three blonde girls, all with variations of the name Kristen or Kirstin, or Kim. Kim is probably the hottest, but she’s kinda a bitch, which makes her kinda hot though.

From this point on make sure you know your fair share of top 40 song lyrics. Also helps to be 5’9 and above. Also just make sure you are not sober, unless you are conducting a science experiment. Don’t want to be drunk, for a science experiment.

To be continued.