Falling in Love with Random Girls

USC is a great place, also simultaneously USC is a very difficult place. It’s really annoying to be walking from a class to the campus center and fall in and out of love at least 4 times. Seriously though, USC doesn’t just have like hot girls, it has girls who you ON THE SPOT fall in love with and want to marry.

I remember I was in line at Panda Express one day and I saw this girl, and I found myself wondering if we would get a Range Rover or BMW X5 as our “family car”, then I was wondering who was going to watch the kids while we went on an impulse trip to Vegas for our 20th anniversary. I didn’t even know her name, not that I had to, because love has no names.

Another problem with this whole falling in love with a random girl from the campus center is that, chances are, a girl is going to be a tad creeped out when a really funny/cute/talented/senior/jew-ish/comes from a great family/guy walks up to her and says “i’m in love with you, let’s kiss” – and understandably so. It also brings to question, what is love? Love is whatever you want it to be, so, if I love you because the way you drink smart water and eat that southwestern salad with your Ray Ban aviators placed ever so gently on the bridge of your nose, and the way you talk to your friend Maddy about what costume you need to buy for Thursday, then THATS OKAY. Fuck grammar.

Do you really love the lamp?


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