Jonah’s Fav Movies of 2012

This is not a list of the best movies of 2012. No one can say what movie is “best”. This is a list of my “favs” or “favorites” So…

  1. The Avengers (director Joss Whedon) Check it out, this movie made 1 Billion dollars only 20 days after it was released. Amazing. Here’s why. Avengers has been promoted and embedded into our minds since the release of Iron Man. Each single movie Marvel released was promoting and ultimately securing and Audience to see all the heros come together in the Avengers. So, not only did you have characters who everyone liked, but characters that you’d already spent hours getting to know, seeing them fail and then succeed.  But the best part of the Avengers was the script. It was so funny! It’s on my list of best comedies of the year. And you know why? Cause Joss just had fun with it. All great comedy comes from tragedy. The Avengers are simply a dysfunctional family, with god like powers. I could watch this movie 3 times in a row and still love it. That’s why its my favorite movie of the year. 
  2. Skyfall (director Sam Mendes) Skyfall is too good to be a James Bond movie. Bond movies are by convention very campy. Skyfall defies that. Great action, great dialogue, amazing cinematography, and one of the best 4th acts in a movie. 2 and a half hours of suspense, fun, and Daniel Craig kicking ass. Also grossing over 1 billion dollars. Skyfall paid homage to early Bonds while also making it a standout from the series.
  3. Dark Knight Rises (director Christopher Nolan) The climax of the Nolan Batman movies did not disappoint. Bane? A badass villain with a lot to angry about. He was the best part of the movie. Every line he says has been imprinted to every fanboys mind. The script for Rises is just too good. Sure, there are lots of problems with the movie. How did Batman out swim a nuclear bomb? How did find time to paint a giant BAT sign onto a building wall? Where the fuck was that prison? But listen, you got a lot going on the line with that movie, and Nolan pulled it off. The third act of the movie is great, it answers questions by asking questions. What? Just think about it. Regardless that movie is so entertaining.
  4. 21 Jump Street (directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller) Easily the funniest movie of the year. The buddy cop genre refreshed with a great script, simple premise, and hilarious cast. Why the funniest movie of the year? Because of the self reflexivity. I think audiences really enjoyed a cop movie that made fun of cop movies, while all the while being a cop movie. I.e. “The Angry Black Captain Monologue” and “Why would she have a gun in her glove compartment…Oh wait she does”
  5. This is 40 (director Judd Apatow) How many people can pull off making a likable movie about their family? This is one of my favorite comedies of the year, that being said I don’t think there were many great ones this year. The movie is laced with very topical humor, but it’s a little long. But between Rudd, Mann, and the Mini Apatows there are lots of laughs to be had.

Notable Mentions

  1. Django Unchained, a very badass movie that breaks a lot of conventions the western.
  2. Looper – USC grad Rian Johnson showed us that there are new stories to be told in the world of Sci-Fi. 
  3. 5 Year Engagement, the Apatow produced film was both heartwarming and hilarious.
  4. Ted, Seth McFarlane has a long future in the world of feature length films. Ted was very funny, a critical and commercial success.
  5. Cabin in the Woods, scary, funny, awesome.
  6. Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson killin’ it.

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