The Hobbits

My brotha from another motha Harrison and I went to go see The Hobbit last week. We bought the tickets thinking 3D IMAX, what we actually bought were regular 2D tickets, cool.

The movie is fun. It’s a kids movie. It’s the “G” rated Lord of the Rings, and it knows that. The movie is shot and paced completely differently from the original LOTR series. Every other line is a joke, there are physical gags, and lots of funny looking dwarfs. Even the lighting ascetic has a more cartoonish look to it. Brighter colors, less grain, a fluid movement – all help evoke a roller coaster ride of a film.

What’s cool about The Hobbit is its premise. It literally thrusts an average Hobbit, Bilbo, into an incredible adventure, and by pure chance. I haven’t read the books but why does Gandalf show up to his door step in the first place? It’s a great fish out of water story, and is actually very funny. British humor in Middle Earth.

I saw Hobbit again, but this time in 48fps 3D. So fucking cool. It was like watching a videogame, but better. That is the way the movie should be watched. They shot it with that intention. Top of the line 3D tech, game changing frame rate. 48fps won’t work for all movies, but in an epic fantasy tale that’s already ‘out of this world’ I really do think it helped propel the story.

Peter Jackson and the team posted a bunch of behind the scenes videos, the size of the movie is amazing, since they shot 2 movies at the same time and then realized they had enough footage for 3. They had 50-something RED EPIC cameras. That’s unreal. Check out the videos below, seriously if you have any interest in film or want to see how a huge movie like this is made. Watching those BTS videos, its daunting to think of how hard it is to make these movies. These guys spend literally 257 days working towards something we watch once, maybe twice, over two hours, in a chair, and a bag of M&Ms. It’s that kind of filmmaking that promotes seeing movies in theaters where you get top of the line projection, sound, and the best overall movie going experience.

Out of all the LOTR movies, why doesn’t Gandalf do more magic and just fuck shit up? Is he only allowed to help so much? That’s one of the things I never really understood about the whole series. Gandalf is so powerful but he really doesn’t do much magic?



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